PolyCo VR® Barrier Products

PolyCo is America’s leading supplier of high quality, long lasting, protective barrier products designed for healthcare, food processing and sterile cleanroom environments. Our material, which we call VR®, is more durable, more flexible and more protective than any PVC (polyvinyl chloride, or vinyl) product on the market today.

What is VR®?

In an effort to meet growing customer needs for a better and safer protective solution, PolyCo teamed up with film chemistry and engineering experts to replace PVC and other limited-use protective wear. This extensive, collaborative research produced a material combining new age plastic resins with modern extrusion techniques. The result: exceptional quality, cost effectiveness, and superior comfort and safety. VR® is a trademark of and proprietary film product manufactured exclusively by PolyCo.

VR® Advantages

VR® Quality Performance

  • Superior tensile strength, puncture resistance and elongation
  • Excellent resistance to fats, oils and a broad range of chemicals
  • Crack and tear resistant in cold work environments

VR® Exceptional Cost Savings

  • Longer wearing. 4–6 times the average life of vinyl
  • Disposal costs up to 50% less than competing products
  • Greater recycling cost benefits

VR® Superior Comfort & Safety

  • Better comfort, lighter weight
  • Odorless and non-toxic
  • Approved for direct food contact
  • Flexible design and coverage options
  • Easily recycled, safely land-filled or incinerated

Why choose VR®?

All VR® easy-to-clean, reusable products deliver superior cold-temperature resistance, puncture resistance and a more ergonomically comfortable design with its 30% lighter weight construction over vinyl of the same thickness. In fact, 6 mil thick VR® outperforms 8 mil vinyl and weighs up to 50% less. Bottom line, you save more and worry less with VR®. In compliance with the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standards, Part 1910.1030, VR® disposable products provide Level D splash protection. When properly used under normal conditions, VR® does not permit toxic chemicals, blood or other potentially infectious materials to pass through to employees. Furthermore, the University of Illinois School of Chemical Sciences confirmed VR® chemical resistance and accidental exposure protection against industrial concentrations of hydrofluoric, hydrochloric, sulfuric, and nitric acids. VR® has 4–6 times longer wear life over vinyl. Vinyl products tend to tear and crack, however PolyCo VR® contains no plasticizers making it perfect for frequent use and repeated cleaning in oily and/or cold work environments.

International Electronic Device Manufacturer:

“We are now putting these VR® Gowns on all of our production employees due to the excellent chemical protection that these gowns offer.”

Midwest Healthcare Device Manufacturer:

“VR® Aprons are a great, lightweight alternative for our employees. We don’t have to worry about chemical splashes.”

Southern Sheet Metal Fabricator:

“PolyCo VR® Aprons hold up longer and protect better than vinyl in our oily environment.”

West Coast Tissue Bank:

“These VR® Sleeves performed better than anticipated within our biological application.”

Southeast Equestrian Hospital:

“PolyWear® Gowns were a great surprise for our vets regarding the ease of putting them on and the disposable protection they offered.”

East Coast Industrial Distributor:

“PolyWear® Gowns are sure a great item for repackaging into Avian Flu Preparedness Kits due to the colors offered and the donning and doffing ease.”