PolyWog™ Wipes

PolyCo offers industrial-strength PolyWog™ wipes for a wide array of cleaning jobs. These wipes are specially formulated to clean our VR® products without rinsing. They can also be used on work surfaces and equipment.

PolyWog™ Wipes

  • Convenient 8” x 12” size wipes.
  • Specially formulated to perform in the toughest industrial environments.
  • Perfect for cleaning impervious apparel, tools and nonporous work surfaces when used in a continuous cleaning program.
  • Easy, no-rinse formula is a real time-saver.
  • Removes oils, greases and other processing residues.
  • Meets FDA standards and contains no color additives or fragrances.
  • Contains surfactants and quaternary ammonia compounds.
ProductStock NoDescriptionCase PackCase Wt.
PolyWog Wipes31300300 - 8" x 12" towels per plastic bucket4 Buckets/case49 lbs.
PolyWog Refill Wipes31310300 - 8" x 12" towels per plastic bag2 Bags/Case19 lbs.

When Using PolyWog™ Wipes:

PolyWog™ Wipes can be used for wiping down any VR® Protective Wear product and cleaning away any build-up of dirt and residue. PolyWog™ Wipes cut through grease and oils easily with no rinsing required, leaving no residues behind. Evaporation time of the no-fragrance solution is just 60 seconds and the item is ready for reuse. PolyWog™ Wipes also work great when used to clean tools and nonporous work surfaces, especially stainless steel.

PolyWog™ Wipes were specifically developed in response to requests from many small to medium processors without in-house laundering capabilities. Special attention was given to four objectives:

  1. Cleaning could be done without the presence of water or the need for rinsing.
  2. Quick drying.
  3. Efficiently removes of proteins, grease and oils.
  4. An unscented solution that emits no fragrance during and after cleaning.

PolyWog™ Wipes successfully fulfills all four of these objectives having been tried and true for over 15 years.