VR® Gowns

PolyCo offers several different designs of VR® gowns to provide the best protection suited to your particular work environment.

VR® Elastic Cuff Gowns
VR® Thumb Loop Gowns
VR® Coverback Gowns
VR® Trough Gowns

VR® Gowns with Elastic Cuff or Thumb Loop

  • Available in a wide variety of sizes and lengths.
  • Available in blue, white, yellow or red.
  • Two comfortable weights and the option of extra long, all guaranteed to ensure a perfect fit.
  • Economical alternative for full frontal body protection.
  • Greater coverage for applications where the threat of biological or chemical contamination exists.
  • Thumb loop and elastic cuff design provides continuous protection between glove and sleeve.
  • Bulk packaging is standard. Cleanroom-packaging (for critical environments) is available.
  • Alternate packaging options are available, including individual bagging.
  • Additional colors are available in minimum quantity orders.
  • Contact your sales representative to request a quotation.

VR® Gowns with Elastic Cuffs

SizeStock NoMaterialColorCase PackCase Wt.
Regular: 45" Length424504 milBlue50 Bulk19 lbs.
424524 milWhite50 Bulk19 lbs.
424544 milYellow50 Bulk19 lbs.
424516 milBlue50 Bulk25 lbs.
424536 milWhite50 Bulk25 lbs.
424556 milYellow50 Bulk25 lbs.
Regular X Long: 55" Length424804 milBlue50 Bulk21 lbs.
424824 milWhite50 Bulk21 lbs.
424844 milYellow50 Bulk21 lbs.
424884 milRed50 Bulk21 lbs.
424816 milBlue50 Bulk27 lbs.
424836 milWhite50 Bulk27 lbs.
424856 milYellow50 Bulk27 lbs.
Large: 50" Length425504 milBlue50 Bulk22 lbs.
425524 milWhite50 Bulk22 lbs.
425544 milYellow50 Bulk22 lbs.
425516 milBlue50 Bulk30 lbs.
425536 milWhite50 Bulk30 lbs.
425556 milYellow50 Bulk30 lbs.
Large X Long: 55" Length425804 milBlue50 Bulk22 lbs.
425824 milWhite50 Bulk22 lbs.
425844 milYellow50 Bulk22 lbs.
425884 milRed50 Bulk22 lbs.
425816 milBlue50 Bulk30 lbs.
425836 milWhite50 Bulk30 lbs.
425856 milYellow50 Bulk30 lbs.
X Large: 50" Length426504 milBlue50 Bulk22 lbs.
426524 milWhite50 Bulk22 lbs.
426544 milYellow50 Bulk22 lbs.
426516 milBlue50 Bulk31 lbs.
426536 milWhite50 Bulk31 lbs.
426556 milYellow50 Bulk31 lbs.
X Large X Long: 55" Length426804 milBlue50 Bulk28 lbs.
426824 milWhite50 Bulk28 lbs.
426844 milYellow50 Bulk28 lbs.
426884 milRed50 Bulk28 lbs.
426816 milBlue50 Bulk37 lbs.
426836 milWhite50 Bulk37 lbs.
426856 milYellow50 Bulk37 lbs.

VR® Gowns with Thumb Loop

SizeStock NoMaterialColorCase PackCase Wt.
Regular, 45" Length424004 milBlue50 bulk18 lbs.
424024 milWhite50 bulk18 lbs.
424044 milYellow50 bulk18 lbs.
424016 milBlue50 bulk25 lbs.
424036 milWhite50 bulk25 lbs.
424056 milYellow50 bulk25 lbs.
Regular X Long, 55" Length424704 milBlue50 bulk21 lbs.
424724 milWhite50 bulk21 lbs.
424744 milYellow50 bulk21 lbs.
424716 milBlue50 bulk27 lbs.
424736 milWhite50 bulk27 lbs.
424756 milYellow50 bulk27 lbs.
Large, 50" Length425004 milBlue50 bulk21 lbs.
425024 milWhite50 bulk21 lbs.
425044 milYellow50 bulk21 lbs.
425016 milBlue50 bulk29 lbs.
425036 milWhite50 bulk29 lbs.
425056 milYellow50 bulk29 lbs.
Large X Long, 55" Length425704 milBlue50 bulk22 lbs.
425724 milWhite50 bulk22 lbs.
425744 milYellow50 bulk22 lbs.
425716 milBlue50 bulk31 lbs.
425736 milWhite50 bulk31 lbs.
425756 milYellow50 bulk31 lbs.
X Large, 55" Length426004 milBlue50 bulk27 lbs.
426024 milWhite50 bulk27 lbs.
426044 milYellow50 bulk27 lbs.
426016 milBlue50 bulk36 lbs.
426036 milWhite50 bulk36 lbs.
426056 milYellow50 bulk36 lbs.
XX Large, 55" Length427004 milBlue50 bulk29 lbs.
427024 milWhite50 bulk29 lbs.
427044 milYellow50 bulk29 lbs.
427016 milBlue50 bulk37 lbs.
427036 milWhite50 bulk37 lbs.
427056 milYellow50 bulk37 lbs.

VR® Coverback Gowns

  • Gown design protects like a full coverage coat but with a ventilated back for added comfort.
  • Economical alternative for full frontal body protection.
  • Greater coverage for applications where the threat of biological or chemical contamination exists.
  • Elastic Cuff provides continuous protection between glove and sleeve.
  • Available in two sizes and two lengths for optimum fit. Available in blue, white, yellow or green.
  • Bulk packaging is standard. Cleanroom packaging (for critical environments) is available.
  • Alternate packaging options are available, including individual bagging.

Green available only in extra long.

SizeStock NoMaterialColorCase PackCase Wt.
Large, 45" Length428504 milBlue50 Bulk32 lbs.
428524 milWhite50 Bulk32 lbs.
428516 milBlue50 Bulk40 lbs.
428536 milWhite50 Bulk40 lbs.
Large X Long, 55" Length428804 milBlue50 Bulk34 lbs.
428824 milWhite50 Bulk34 lbs.
428844 milYellow50 Bulk34 lbs.
428864 milGreen50 Bulk34 lbs.
X Large, 45" Length429504 milBlue50 Bulk35 lbs.
429524 milWhite50 Bulk35 lbs.
429516 milBlue50 Bulk42 lbs.
429536 milWhite50 Bulk42 lbs.
X Large X Long, 55" Length429804 milBlue50 Bulk37 lbs.
429824 milWhite50 Bulk37 lbs.
429844 milYellow50 Bulk37 lbs.
429864 milGreen50 Bulk37 lbs.

VR® Trough Gowns

  • Specially designed for protection against harsh chemicals such as sulfuric acid.
  • The catch trough in the hem at the bottom of the bib is designed to collect any rundown of fluids on the front of the gown into the seamless hem. The collected fluids are allowed to drain out at the corner drain holes on either side preventing frontal roll-off onto the feet and toes.
  • The adjustable ties at the neck allow for a secure, close-around-the-neck fit providing the highest neckline possible.
  • Elastic cuffs provide a secure fit at the wrists.
  • Open back design allows for air circulation and venting.
  • Available in 4 sizes (S, M, L & XL).
  • Each Gown is individually bagged and packed in a poly bag lined case.
  • Alternate packaging options are available. Cleanroom packaging (for critical environments) is also available.

Small & regular size has full wrap-around hem.
Large & X-large has partial wrap-around hem.

High neckline tie for secure protection.

SizeStock NoMaterialColorCase PackCase Wt.      
Small, 42" Length433504 milBlue50 Bulk19 lbs.
Regular, 45" Length434504 milBlue50 Bulk19 lbs.
Large, 50" Length435504 milBlue50 Bulk21 lbs.
X Large, 50" Length436504 milBlue50 Bulk22 lbs.