VR® Sleeves and Sleeve Gloves

PolyCo VR® Sleeves and Sleeve Gloves provide exceptional protection and durability in the region of employees’ most activity: the arms and hands.

VR® Sleeves

  • Lightweight yet more durable than vinyl.
  • Ideal for flexibility and product longevity.
  • Strong, natural rubber elastic cuffs.
  • Easy-to-clean and reuse.
  • Textured inside surface minimizes cling and enhances ventilation static; smooth outside surface provides easier cleanup.
  • Available in blue, white and yellow (clear available by special order).
  • Two lengths and two widths deliver maximum protection and maximum productivity.
  • Bulk packaging is standard. Cleanroom packaging (for critical environments) is available.
  • Alternate packaging options are available, including individual bagging.
SizeStock NoMaterialColorCase PackCase Wt.
18" Standard418004 milBlue150 bulk (75 pair)8 lbs.
418024 milWhite150 bulk (75 pair)8 lbs.
418044 milYellow150 bulk (75 pair)8 lbs.
418016 milBlue150 bulk (75 pair)12 lbs.
418036 milWhite150 bulk (75 pair)12 lbs.
418056 milYellow150 bulk (75 pair)12 lbs.
18" Extra Wide418504 milBlue150 bulk (75 pair)9 lbs.
418524 milWhite150 bulk (75 pair)9 lbs.
418544 milYellow150 bulk (75 pair)9 lbs.
418516 milBlue150 bulk (75 pair)14 lbs.
418536 milWhite150 bulk (75 pair)14 lbs.
418556 milYellow150 bulk (75 pair)14 lbs.
24" Shoulder Length419004 milBlue150 bulk (75 pair)10 lbs.

70 Series is all-blue and 11 mil thick with integrated lining for comfort.

VR® Sleeve Gloves

  • Unique fusion of a nitrile glove and a VR® 6 mil protective sleeve.
  • Overall length of 28 inches provides complete durable hand and arm protection.
  • Comfortably flexible with high tactile sensitivity.
  • Elastic cuff allows for adjustable positioning on the upper arm.
  • Resistant to a broad range of hazardous chemicals.
  • Exceptional resistance to hydrofluoric, hydrochloric, sulfuric & nitric acids.
  • Naturally low particle count, surface resistivity and good static dissipation.
  • Meets or exceeds OSHA Level D chemical protective apparel requirements for splash protection.
  • Strong, durable, lightweight, ergonomic and latex-free.
  • Pairs are individually packed for quick and easy use.
  • 50 Series: Unlined glove, 11 mil thickness.
  • 60 Series: Unlined glove, 15 mil thickness.
  • 70 Series: Lined glove, 11 mil thickness.
  • 80 Series: Lined glove, 15 mil thickness.

The 50 Series: 11 mil thick with unlined interior.

50 Series: 11 mil thick, unlined 60 Series: 15 mil thick, unlined

70 Series: 11 mil thick, lined

80 Series: 15 mil thick, lined

SeriesSizeGlove SizeStock NoColorCase PackCase Wt.
50 SeriesX-Small641250Blue/Green100 (50 pair, bagged)9 lbs.
Small741350Blue/Green100 (50 pair, bagged)10 lbs.
Medium841450Blue/Green100 (50 pair, bagged)10 lbs.
Large941550Blue/Green100 (50 pair, bagged)10 lbs.
X-Large1041650Blue/Green100 (50 pair, bagged)11 lbs.
60 SeriesSmall741360Blue/Green100 (50 pair, bagged)12 lbs.
Medium841460Blue/Green100 (50 pair, bagged)13 lbs.
Large941560Blue/Green100 (50 pair, bagged)14 lbs.
X-Large1041660Blue/Green100 (50 pair, bagged)14 lbs.
70 SeriesX-Small641270Blue/Blue100 (50 pair, bagged)10 lbs.
Small741370Blue/Blue100 (50 pair, bagged)11 lbs.
Medium841470Blue/Blue100 (50 pair, bagged)11 lbs.
Large941570Blue/Blue100 (50 pair, bagged)12 lbs.
X-Large1041670Blue/Blue100 (50 pair, bagged)13 lbs.
80 SeriesX-Small641280Blue/Green100 (50 pair, bagged)11 lbs.
Small741380Blue/Green100 (50 pair, bagged)12 lbs.
Medium841480Blue/Green100 (50 pair, bagged)13 lbs.
Large941580Blue/Green100 (50 pair, bagged)14 lbs.
X-Large1041680Blue/Green100 (50 pair, bagged)14 lbs.