Critical Environments

PolyCo manufactures personal protective wear that is especially adaptable to the low particle and electrostatic requirements of critical (clean room) environments. VR® Protective Wear provides excellent durability and chemical splash resistance and has been proven superior to traditional vinyl (PVC) garments. Because of its exceptional chemical resistance, low particle count, and surface resistivity, VR® Protective Wear is becoming the product of choice in Class 100 clean room application. Also, VR® material has a very low attraction to radioactive particles and offers perfect protection in the handling and management of radioactive wastes and other radioactive contaminated materials. PolyWear® Disposable Gowns provide light-weight impervious protection against bio-hazards and are in compliance with FDA’s liquid and aerosol blood resistance testing requirements.

PolyCo’s tough and lightweight VR® Protective Wear offers:

  • Impervious protection without ripping or tearing
  • Lower cost through extended wear-life
  • Better Safety and comfort for the employee
  • Odorless and Cold-Crack Resistant Construction
  • Safe Disposal and Recycling Capabilities

PolyWear® Disposable Gowns providing full-coverage frontal protection are made from “pin-hole free” virgin polyethylene film at PolyCo’s plant in the USA.

PolyWog™ No Rinse Wipes help keep the plant clean. The no rinse formula containing surfactants and quaternary ammonia compounds removes fats, oils, and greases while reducing the bio-load on impervious surfaces including work stations, tools and instruments.