Food Processing

PolyCo manufactures personal protective wear that affords food plant employees with the level of protection required by the USDA under their HACCP rule. VR® reusable apparel has become an increasingly popular cost-effective replacement for traditional vinyl (PCV) and other durable protective wear that is routinely cleaned and reused on a daily basis. PolyWear® Disposable Gowns provide the perfect solution to the “donning & doffing” time consuming issue that can cost food processing plants thousands of dollars in needless additional time on the clock each year.

PolyCo’s tough and lightweight VR® Protective Wear offers:

  • Impervious protection without ripping or tearing
  • Lower cost through extended wear-life
  • Better Safety and comfort for the employee
  • Non-Toxic construction that protects the food chain
  • Safe Disposal and Recycling Capabilities

PolyWear® Disposable Gowns offer full-coverage frontal protection and are a perfect replacement for disposable poly sleeves and aprons that provide only limited coverage and consume too much of an employee’s time in donning and doffing, and managing inventory.

PolyWog™ No Rinse Wipes help keep the plant clean and sanitary. The no rinse formula containing surfactants and quaternary ammonia compounds removes fats, oils, and greases while reducing the bio-load on impervious, limited use apparel and work surfaces.